Sasquatch I Heard This: Rogue Wave


Of all the bands I expected to release one of my top five albums of 2007, Rogue Wave would have ranked pretty low on the list. I'm no fan of anglophiles in America; hearing a faux-Brit accent such as the Decemberists' Colin Meloy's in a microphone is like dropping toenail shavings in my bowl of chili and forcing me to eat it at gunpoint. And Rogue Wave are cut from ye same olde cloth (what's wrong with the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest, boys? We've got it all over Great Britain). So when Asleep at Heaven's Gate blew me away in spite of Zack Rogue's faux brogue, it's really saying something. Whereas Meloy, while undeniably talented, tends to annoy, Rogue Wave is like the Decemberists' humbler, better doppelganger -- hold the prog rock, Neutral Milk mimicry, and mercilessly unfunny stage banter. Plus, ladies (and gentlemen), Mr. Rogue resembles a mini-Heath Ledger.

Wookie! Stage, 4:45 p.m., Sunday, March 25.

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