Sasquatch I Heard This: Dengue Fever


George's population was 528 at the 2000 census. Translation? Unless you’re a DMB cult member/ fan on a pilmigrage to the Gorge Amphitheatre, there ain’t shit to do in this town. But that’s gotta be the least of worries for Los Angeles-hailing rockers Dengue Fever. The band’s behavior doesn’t exactly scream high-maintenance. They became the first American musicians to tour Cambodia after a corrupt regime left millions of people dead, as was documented in Sleepwalking Through the Mekong. While there, they re-introduced Cambodia to their own '60s pop music--fused with psychedelic rock. Sounds peculiar, but it works. One-time wedding singer/ now lead vocalist Chom Nimol possesses a haunting banshee wail. Laden with frenetic guitar rifts and bluesy instrumentation, the result is a sultry marriage of two vibrant musical cultures. And really, it's the most worldly experience you're ever gonna get outta a trip to Eastern Washington.

Dengue Fever play Sasquatch! Mainstage, 12:55 p.m., Saturday, May 24.

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