Photos: Mudhoney, Fleet Foxes at The Sunset

Mudhoney fucking rule.


However, it's been several years since I've seen Mark Arm and company, so perhaps I'm biased by fermentation. Additionally, Arm has never had the opportunity to front the way he did during Sub Pop's semi-secret showcase at the Sunset last night. Because he's entirely free of guitar wielding duties on their new record, The Lucky Ones, Mr. Arm commanded the stage with a refreshing, gleeful, and downright intense presence, complete with coonskin cap (see Sarah Murphy's excellent photos below). Honestly, I wasn't terribly psyched about the Sub Pop 20th Anniversary festival, but now I'll go just to see them.

-- Hannah Levin


Mudhoney performed at The Sunset on Wednesday, May 14 at The Sunset in Ballard. All photos by Sarah Joann Murphy.



Fleet Foxes




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