No Flow Wreckin' Permitted


I realize saying "fuck you, Pitchfork!" is the indie rock equivalent of heckling for "more cowbell" at a classic rock reunion show, but it simply must be said in response to their review of the Dirtbombs ridiculously brilliant new album, We Have You Surrounded. They gave it a 7.1, which isn't exactly atrocious, but this line really disturbs me:

"Surrounded" was originally slated to be a five-song EP, and I have the sneaking suspicion that "Wreck My Flow" and "Pretty Princess Day" weren't among them, nor were odd transitions like "They Have Us Surrounded" or an eight-minute noise track. "Wreck My Flow" is a leaden litany that's like a garage-punk "We Didn't Start the Fire."

Comparing Mick Motherfucking Collins to Billy Joel?? May the god of your choice strike you down!

I spent last Saturday evening at a birthday party for a local musician, and the guests in attendance (among them, two non-profit music organization administrators, several musicians proficient in range of genres, a museum curator, a sound engineer, a local filmmaker, and one budding hip hop impresario) have what I'd call finely-tuned and historically informed musical tastes.

The one song that went into serious repeat mode during the inevitable dance party was "Wreck My Flow." It's so insanely catchy and addictive that even when we were on rotation number six, everyone's asses kept shaking. Billy Joel does not do that to people. At least not my people.

The Dirtbombs play Neumo's tonight. Be there, or stay home and listen to Storm Front or something. Just don't wreck our flow.

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