Last Night: The Swell Season at The Moore


Photos by Josh Lynch.

The Swell Season

When: Wednesday, April 30

Where: The Moore Theater

By Hannah Levin

The last time the Swell Season came played the Moore Theater, they attracted an attentive, impassioned audience, and I was pretty bowled over by the emotional outpourings around me. It was easily one of the best live music experiences I had last year, and made all the more moving by having my father sitting in the seat next to me, marveling over and over at how stunning their performances were. It only seemed right that this time around I take my mother along.

Perhaps due to the fact that any Academy Awards had yet to be bestowed in late 2007, the audience energy in the room that night was more that of a shared, secret joy than the frenzied fandom that greeted Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova last night. The show had sold out almost immediately, and tickets on Craigslist earlier that day were going for $100 on up. Unfortunately, due to a last-minute set time change by their tour manager, my mom and I showed up a good twenty minutes after their set was underway, and walked in on Hansard introducing

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