Last Night: LEASE @ University Theater


Left to Right: Kate Jaeger, John-Paul Wilson, and Jana Healy

What: LEASE: Seattle's Own Rock Opera

Where: University Theater

When: Thursday, May 22

I had a really long, in-depth review of this written up this morning...and then my computer froze and I lost it all. But I will tell you this much: LEASE is an improv comedy show that's like a cross between RENT, Singles, and the "We've All Go AIDS" song from Team America. Going to see improv is always a crapshoot, but the folks behind LEASE are from Jet City Improv, which is your best bet for this type of art in Seattle. This is an awesome thing in the case of LEASE, because the actors are forced to improvise not only the plot as it moves along, but also a new song every two or three minutes. Plenty of jokes were aimed at Seattle hipsters in last night's show, including stabs at Death Cab for Cutie fans and the employees of Everyday Music. There were some shaky moments, as with all improv, but cast members Elicia Wickstead and Kate Jaeger were both solid-as-rocks throughout the entire show. And if you thought RENT was one of the lamest things you've ever seen and were in tears over the "We've all got AIDS song", LEASE is a must-see.

LEASE will begin another run June 5-20, Thursdays and Friday at 8 p.m.

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