INTERVIEW: Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips

Christmas on Mars with the Flaming Lips!


Photo by J. Michelle Martin

The Flaming Lips will finally unveil Christmas on Mars -- the forever-in-the-works quasi-sci-fi film directed by frontman Wayne Coyne, and which features the entire band plus Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock and actors Elijah Wood, Adam Goldberg, Steve Burns, and others -- at Sasquatch! on Saturday, May 25th, the night before the Lips headline the main stage with their U.F.O. Show spectacular.

I caught up with Coyne via phone from his native Oklahoma the other day, and the super-friendly singer-guitarist was happy to talk about Christmas on Mars (though intent on keeping the plot and other specifics of the film under wraps until its world premiere at Sasquatch). After the jump, our conversation, plus the completely bizarre Christmas on Mars trailer to whet your appetite.

It must be pretty exciting to finally show the world Christmas on Mars.

It is exciting! It's nerve wracking at the same time. As a rock group, there's enough stress and anxiety about just simply going up there and singing and hoping you don

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