Yahoo's Most Annoying Singers List


It's listmania everyday over on Yahoo! Music. On the heels of yesterday's list of Top 25 Worst Rappers comes The Ten Most Annoying Singers. I agree with pretty much every choice on the list. Celine Dion, as everyone knows, is the real beast of the bunch. And writer Rob O' Connor is spot-on when he says Conor Oberst sounds "like he's swimming back to the womb". I agree with Franki Valli, Billy Corgan, and Scott Stapp...but definitely take issue with Tiny Tim. I mean, c'mon, you can't go lumping in an act like Tiny Tim with James Blunt. Tim was annoying, sure, but that was trumped by the novelty of it all.

Of course, kudos also go to O'Connor for leaving Yoko Ono off the list. But I would go so far as to exclude Michael Bolton if it meant including Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

Hmm...this puts me in mind of another infamous list generated years ago by our own Mike Seely.

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