Santo Tequila


For anyone curious about who's responsible for the dramatic transformation of what was formerly the old beige, neon accented Wing Dome on Olive into the glorious turquoise and white stand alone beacon it's become, look no further than Quentin Ertel. The man behind Havana softly opened his new spot The Saint last night- a bar and restaurant that touts itself a a salvager of tequilas, proven by the nearly 100 different varieties that line the wall behind the bar.


It's a beautiful space, open and light filled with giant windows and framed vintage portraits of bullfighters fill the walls. The tequila flows, and is featured in fresh squeezed cocktails a-plenty such as the Honeysuckle shaken with honey and lemon juice. In my opinion though- tequila, as long as it's not bottom shelf, is best served alone. The menu is simple- highlights coming in the form of slow roasted pork in banana leaves, tender and spciy; and chicken mole- potent, dark reddish brown sauce poured amply over legs and breast pieces and served with rice and whole pinto beans. Slutty, cheese drenched Mexican it's not- you won't walk away with a giant belly or a hangover cured, more likely after all that tequila testing, you'll teeter out with one on the way.

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