Dave Matthews Band to Fans: Y'all Carpool, But We Ain't Riding Together


The Dave Matthews Band has enough money to purchase the necessary carbon offsets “to make up for the footprint left by each venue, hotel, flight, tour vehicle and even fan travel,” of their upcoming summer tour, according to Billboard, which placed the band at number four on its list of 2008's “The Green Ten.” The band even got extra points for planning a site that will help fans carpool to shows.

But, when the quintet travels across the country, they don't ride together. Band members ride on separate buses. They have for years.

David Fricke wrote in his 2002 DMB profile for Rolling Stone that:

On tour, Matthews, Lessard, Tinsley, Moore and Beauford travel in separate buses -- for comfort, to accommodate friends and family, and because they can afford it. Lessard says Beauford likes to split the venue immediately after the last note of the encore: “But I like to stay for at least an hour and hang with the crew, watch them load out.”

A Dave Matthews Band spokesperson says that's still, essentially, the case.

“The tour comprises multiple buses which move the band members, crew members, family, guest musicians, friends etc. from city to city,” she said. “Does the band all bus together? Usually not, but they always always carpool.”

'Cause who wants to ride in a big bus alone?

For more information on the DMB's green efforts, check out the other Reverb, a non profit that helps in “coordinating, facilitating and implementing the various eco-efforts on DMB's summer tour to minimize its environmental 'footprint.'”

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