Starbucks: Just Regular-Ass Music


I'm really fascinated with Starbucks. No, really...I am. After I read Taylor Clark's Starbucked, my interest in the coffee/retail phenom tripled. Of course, no aspect of the company fascinates me more than its efforts to sell music. But apparently, Starbucks has stumbled a little over the last couple years, offering nothing eclectic in the music department...rather, its yuppie customers are finding little difference between the music Starbucks sells and the regular-ass music Wal-Mart sells (John Fogerty, I think they're talking about you...) Go here for the full scoop on this and other aspects of its music biz downfall.

I gotta say, eclectic can you claim to be when the first album you sold was by Kenny G? Then again, maybe musical blandness is part of Starbucks' back-to-basics shift...

(Thanks to Brian Miller for the link)

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