Rockin' the Casbah - with Matt Pond PA

Matt Pond pa - is London Calling?


Why is it that I can go months without seeing live music, then all my favorite bands play consecutively the last weekend in March?! Matt Pond pa, one of the most underrated bands today, has had their fair share of rotation in my cd player over the past year. Pond's sound is part Shins, part Wilco with a dash of Rooney (not Mickey Rooney). Their Easter Sunday show at Chop Suey started promptly at 9pm. Matt Pond's emotionally poetic lyrics about relationships gone bad were uplifted by the group's three intertwining guitar melodies. Pond, who baulked at one audience member's request to play one of their slower songs, replied with; "That song (New Hampshire) is too slow. Tonight we're only playing songs that make you move." Rightfully so, as they were opening for power punk legends Mick Jones (The Clash) and Tony James (Gen X) now calling themselves Carbon/Silicon .


Being that it was a school night, I couldn't stay for more than two of Carbon/Silicon's songs. I could see that the crowd embraced these English rockers of yesteryear that were sure to Rock the Casbah.

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