I Heard This: Glenn Branca


I hope this doesn't mean I'm about to inadvertently enter some sort of snotty avant-punk phase, but I'm really enjoying exploring the work of Glenn Branca these days. A lot of people posit that there would be no Sonic Youth if it wasn't for Branca's impact on the New York-based no-wave music scene in the late '70s and I believe it. The following snippet of Branca and friends (including Thurston Moore) at All Tomorrow's Parties in 2007 is far too brief, but totally mesmerizing.

If I turn into one of those jerks that actually listens to Metal Machine Music or claims their dreams are set to a Philip Glass soundtrack, I will hate myself, I promise, but until then, I'm going to keep trying to decipher what I'm finding so enthralling about this guy. Explore more for yourself over here.

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