First Listen: Jim Noir's Latest on Barsuk


What: Jim Noir, by Jim Noir

When: Tuesday afternoon, and ever six hours since.

Where: Right here (desk)

Why: I found this gem in a bin in music ed Brian Barr's office while hunting for almonds. I settled for the record.

Hear the (Barsuk) Record: When it drops on April 8

Free MP3: Don't You Worry

Download: "All Right," "Welcome CJ"

Go to the store for: "Good Old Vinyl"

Notes: Oh, hell, there's nothing to hate about the smug Jim Noir. He's just so damn poppy and lovable. He opens the record with a one-minute barrage of noise, "Welcome Commander Jameson," which leads right into "All Right," a 21st Century tribute to Brian Wilson.

This self-titled ditty is the second time I've heard from this Barsuk busker. The first was "Tower of Love," featuring "Eanie Meany" and "My Patch," licensed to Adidas and Target, respectively. In fact, I have a hunch that the former was one of the most heard songs across the globe in 2006, considering the fact that it the Adidas ad was spun so heavily during earth's most popular televised event(s): World Cup.

More radio, er, TV-ready material here. If "What You Gonna Do," with the "What you gonna do when I find you?" chorus hasn't already been snatched up by eBay,, or Amazon, I'll eat my hat.

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