Death and Near-Death

Healey dies; Jagger nearly assassinated?


First off, R.I.P. Jeff Healey -- the blind, Canadian blues/jazz guitarist known for his distinctive style of playing his instrument on his lap, as well as his hit 1988 ballad "Angel Eyes," died Sunday of cancer at age 41. It was a rare cancer, retino blastoma, which claimed his sight at the age of one, and he had been fighting the disease for much of his life. His final, just-completed album, Mess of Blues, comes out later this month.


Secondly, a weird story emerged over the weekend: Seems that the Hell's Angels planned to kill Mick Jagger in 1969, after he fired the notorious motorcycle gang from the Rolling Stones' security detail following the Altamont disaster in which a teenage fan was stabbed to death. According to a BBC radio documentary airing today -- with information obtained from an FBI agent -- Jagger's would-be assassins tried to reach the singer's vacation home in Long Island, New York by sea, intending to sneak onto his property through his gardens, but "the boat was hit by a storm, and all of the men were thrown overboard." They all survived, and no further attempts on Jagger's life were planned.

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