At almost nine months, my little guy has outgrown his current mode of transport, a stroller base that snaps on to his car seat. It


Would You Let This Man Take Your Baby For a $500 Stroll?


At almost nine months, my little guy has outgrown his current mode of transport, a stroller base that snaps on to his car seat. It and he together now weight around 45 pounds and just the Herculean prospect of lugging that thing up and down subway steps makes my back hurt.

Being Craigslisters, we've been able to procure a majority of our baby crap by diligently pursuing the listings right here in Queens. We get quality goods that he's only going to use for a short time, for a fraction of the original cost and when we are through with them, they go back up on the list for the next set of cost conscious parents. As of late, I've been shopping for a new stroller, one that will last us until toddlerhood and make the transition from NYC living to our new home in Austin in a few short months.

If you don't have a kid or have friends who've entered the "baby phase" of life, you may not know that your kid, and all it's stuff, (including how you choose to get them from point A to point B), have become cultural status symbols. I'm shocked daily by the number of ordinary, middle-class looking folks I see pushing tiny tots around in this, bug.jpg

a Bugaboo Chameleon, which retails for around $900 before you buy any accessories.( they usually run around $100 a piece) You can get one used for around $600, but that is still more money than we spent on our current car, a 1990's Saturn.

Lately I've seen a plethora of Rock Star Baby strollers used on Craigslist for around 300 smackers. Intrigued by the name, I did a little research, finding out that this $500 baby ride was created by two dudes everyone in New Jersey considers huge "rock stars"


"Rock Star Baby is the brain-child of Tico Torres and Jon Bon Jovi who are proud to announce the highly anticipated North American launch of the Infinity Limited Edition - Rock Star Baby stroller.

Tico Tores, who is not only a gifted musician but a highly innovative designer, painter and sculptor noticed something about his friends who were starting to have families. Cool people have cool kids. Cool kids need to travel in style-rock star style. Utilizing premium quality materials and cutting edge design, the Infinity Rock Star Baby Stroller and Pram was born."

Huh? I've always lived under the idea that if you need to call yourself cool you probably aren't (poor ol' Tico wasn't even "cool" enough to warrant a Bon Jovi Kollectible Kaos action figure) and I don't think I could live with the hypocrisy of naming my kid after Joe Strummer and pushing him around in a baby Bentley.


Seattle is lucky enough to have several baby gear resellers. I can personally vouch for Kym's Kiddy Corner (11721 15th Avenue North East) (206) 361-5974. They have a fabulous policy of buying back many baby items you've bought from them for a half of what you paid (with a receipt) and issue store credit for returns within 30 days of purchase, which is perfect when we are in town visiting the relatives and need a temporary crib and high chair, or your fast growing little honey needs an upgrade.

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