The Dearth of Downtown Record Stores


Bud's is great...if you like jazz. And the Lower Queen Anne Easy Street isn't that far to walk...if you can afford to take a two-hour lunch break. Which means for downtown, Borders is about all there is for CD's. It's certainly the only place in the urban core where I can purchase the new Robert Plant/Alison Krauss disc and Mark Knopfler's Golden Heart (okay, I'm really 53, not 33) in one shot. Believe me, I tried, but the independent store (which shall remain nameless) near Pike Place Market where I tried to find these albums not only didn't have the Plant/Krauss record, it didn't have any Mark Knopfler records.

That's crap. But what's crappier is the dearth of non-niche record stores downtown. I know everyone has an iPod nowadays (except me), but is real estate in, say, Pioneer Square or even the ID really so cost prohibitive that some well-heeled rock whiz with a flexible landlord couldn't make a go of it? There's got to be some place where this wish can come true, because I fucking hate having to patronize Borders.

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