New Releases: Michael Jackson, British Sea Power, Indian Jewelry, Robert Pollard


Michael Jackson - Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition

It's hard to believe that Thriller, the world's biggest selling record of all time, was released 25 years ago. The gatefold LP with Michael posing with a tiger was given to me by my babysitter, making it the first album I ever owned. I loved that record and played the hell out of it. I still have it in my collection. Needless to say, it sounds like crap so I rarely play it anymore. Sad - it is such a great record! This 25th Anniversary edition of the disc has been remastered, and includes a bonus disc of Thriller tributes and covers, by the likes of Kanye West, Akon, and those money hungry Black Eyed Peas. Shout out to Garfield High alum/Thriller producer Quincy Jones!


British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?

Those Brighton, UK indie rockers are back on dock with their their third full-length, Do You Like Rock Music? Crunchy guitars and soaring melodies are wrapped around cheeky lyrical twists, where "the fatal 1953 floods on the Thames estuary" comes from "the viewpoint of a football fan decrying the loss of memorabilia rather than lives." Oh, so British!


Indian Jewelry - We Are The Wild Beast (reissue)

Originally released on Indian Jewelry frontman Tex Kerschen's Girl Gang label in 2003 under the moniker NTX and the Electric Set, Bay Area electronic/noise label Tigerbeat6 has now reissued We Are the Wild Beast and I couldn't be happier for my Houston homies. The album is still a caged beast foaming at the mouth with blistering saxophone blasts, spiny synthetic distortion a'la Suicide, and noisy amalgamations from the dark, damp under-underground. Recommended!


Robert Pollard - Superman Was a Rocker

Can someone please put some kryptonite in the Mr. Pollard's recording studio because this is getting out of control! He already put out two (!) records on the same day in the fall and a few last spring ... How many records will he release this year?

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