Meet Our New Blogger: John Roderick of The Long Winters


Photo by Lindsay Borden.

We're starting a new feature on Reverb next week called the Reverb Residency, in which a local musician camps out in our music blog and checks in with y'all every week, writing about what he/she is working on, thinking about, eating, etc. To get the party started we've managed to convince John Roderick, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter in The Long Winters, to be our guinea pig. We're honored that Mr. Roderick has made room for us in his already demanding schedule.

"I am working on a new record right now," he told me, "PLUS a children's book, a book of short stories, and I'm raising badgers for their milk."

Look for bits and pieces of the above-mentioned projects to start showing up in Roderick's posts. His first installment will be on Wednesday morning. All of Roderick's contributions will be available right here.

For those of you unfamiliar with Roderick's work with The Long Winters (shame on you), you may recognize his mug from the cover of our March 14 issue for the feature, "Frat-Tastic!" Roderick has also lent his prose to CMJ, Seattle Sound, and


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