Kwab Copeland to Take Over High Dive Booking


Brent McCrossen from Interface Booking (the agency that books the High Dive) just left me a voice mail confirming what most industry folks were speculating over the weekend. "We did indeed hire Kwab to fill his position within Interface," says McCrossen. "He'll be booking High Dive and doing a little bit of work over at Tost as well."

I'm not sure how this will be affecting Copeland's existing work with Jules Maes and Slim's Last Chance Chili, but I'll post more info as I receive it.

Hopefully this is the end of the musical chairs routine for a while (seriously guys, I'm getting dizzy)--though the new owners of the Crocodile have yet to name their talent buyer. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Kwab has handed off Slim's Last Chance and Jules Maes duties to Fred Speakman, who will still collaborate with Kwab on their new Sunday Blood Sunset matinee show in Ballard. Sayeth Mr. Copeland:

"I have brought on board my long time friend and musical associate Fred Speakman to manage the booking accounts at JULES MAES SALOON and SLIM”S LAST CHANCE. Fred will be the main booking contact at both of these venues. I am psyched to have some help in the apparently ever-expanding ENTERTAINMENT FACILITATOR booking office!"

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