Keeping Score: Cool Hand Luke Tonight


Tonight, as a part of their Keeping Score series, the NW Film Forum is celebrating the work of

Argentinean pianist, composer and conductor Lalo Schifrin who's written over 100 scores for film and television since the early '60s from Dirty Harry to the Mission: Impossible theme song as well as my favorite film of all time: Cool Hand Luke.

Sneak in a bag of hardboiled eggs, sit back and let Schifrin's score and the piercing ocean-blue eyes of a pre-organic edibles empire owning Paul Newman transport you back in time to a dusty Florida prison camp and hear the original delivery of the famous line "What we've got here, is a failure to communicate" which has since been co-opted throughout pop culture, from Guns N' Roses track "Civil War" from Use Your Illusion II to a Rug Rats episode (1993's "Cool Hand Angelica").

6:30 p.m. NW Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave.

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