I Heard This: Future of the Left

Mclusky fans are a passionate bunch (myself included). To say their break-up in 2005 was premature is a massive understatement.

Luckily, frontman Andy Falkous continued on with a band he calls Future of the Left. It's no Mclusky, but it's still damn good and will satisfy fans who miss that band's exceptionally hilarious song titles (I was already a fan via Mcklusky Do Dallas but I would have bought The Difference Between You and Me Is I'm Not on Fire on principal), ornery vocals and brutish, angular guitar lines.

Their debut album, Curses, came out on Too Pure late last year, but sadly, the only tour dates they have scheduled currently are in the U.K.(in London with Les Savy Fav! Argh!) and Australia. However, his homespun video of people dancing to "The Fiber Provider" is particularly delightful. Enjoy:

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