Friday, January 25


Norfolk & Western play Comet Tavern, 1/25.

The last time Portland's Norfolk & Western came around, their mammoth singing saw mesmerized


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Friday, January 25


Norfolk & Western play Comet Tavern, 1/25.

The last time Portland's Norfolk & Western came around, their mammoth singing saw mesmerized me at the Sunset, and since then, they've toured with The Decemberists, Sparklehorse, and DeVotchKa so expect a well-oiled soft folk perfomance tonight. N & W are joined by the also PDX-based Point Juncture, WA who Sara Brickner calls an "electro-pop group that specializes in hopeful, halcyon ditties about happy endings and overdosing on sweets."

Comet Tavern, 9 p.m. $6.

If local band Bow and Arrow had a mission statement, Brian Barr says it would be:

Bicycles, basement shows, and the DIY ethos.

He also says: There hasn’t been much excitement in the local punk/hardcore scene of late, but Bow & Arrow bring exactly the jolt it needs.

With the electrifying Pleasureboaters on the bill as well, a few fuses might be blown.

The Vera Project, 7:30pm, free, all ages.

Still rising NYC post-punks The Bravery will be at Neumo's with Switches. In this week's Short List, Karla Starr notes the band is "best known for a few things: a highly publicized feud with the Killers; the single “An Honest Mistake,” the video of which evokes the Smiths on Prozac and caffeine; and a sound not totally unlike Bloc Party’s."

Neumo's, $15 adv., 8:00pm.

Though Seattle has adopted them as their own (and rightfully so), The Spits actually hail from (one of the best named cities ever) Kalamazoo, Michigan. Justin Farrar spills it this week in the Short List:

As any PBR-guzzling degenerate in Seattle will tell you, the Spits have made a fine name for themselves over the years, bashing out a virulent strand of garage-wave scum. But you know what? In order to understand the genetic makeup of the Spits’ brand of punk freakery, you have to understand Kalamazoo, Mich. It was there, back in the early ’90s, that the Spits’ heart and soul, Sean and Erin Wood, cut their teeth playing in a string of post-Buttholes noise-rock bands. Sean, in particular, would get obscenely drunk and violent whenever his band, the LAPD Riot Midgets, decided to terrorize some hapless nightclub or basement. So yeah, next time you throw up or get a black eye during a Spits show, thank a weird little town called Kalamazoo. With Meepers, Android Hero, and T.V. Coahran. JUSTIN FARRAR

(Where else?) Funhouse, 9:30 p.m., $7.


January 26


The Dutchess and the Duke play the Wildrose, 1/26.

Sub Pop imprint Hardly Art shows love for another male/female indie tag team with recent signing The Dutchess and the Duke. Travis Ritter says he regrets not getting into them sooner, but this is one of their very first live Seattle shows, so the boat is still boarding. As for their sound, Ritter writes:

With tambourines, acoustic guitars, recorders(?), and dueling male/female harmonies, their music frolics with mid-’60s folk, though songs like “Reservoir Park,” off their latest 7-inch single, layers on some slightly psychedelic guitar work à la Brian Jones, and steady hand clapping give the songs a little muscle, though they’re already catchy enough to be permanently affixed on the listener’s mind. With T.V. Coahran.

The Wildrose, 8 p.m. $5.

Just a few steps West, get juggy with it (yes, that just happened) at Neumo's with the all local lineup up Cave Singers along with J. Tillman and true-blue, down and dirty, wild and free rockers Whalebones, who have a new pressing of their striking Morning Man EP available, a new lady bass player, and a few new songs to debut.

Neumo's, $10 adv.. 8 p.m.


January 27


Grynch performs at Chop Suey, 1/27.

The bespectacled hip-hop mastermind who hails from Ballard HS, Grynch, celebrates his record release for My Second Wind at Chop Suey with Cancer Rising, GMK, Rubio, DJ Swervewon, and host, D. Black. Read more about him in Erika Hobart's feature this week.

Chop Suey, 8 p.m., $8.

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