Release the Hands


The Hands break down at mile 69

A little over a year ago, John Healy, frontman of local rock outfit the Hands said of their recent debut EP release So Sweet, "While I'm a big fan of it, it's all go.I think the next release is going to be a lot more varied, with more space."

I've been yearning for more than just that six-song sampling of driving, fist-pumping garage rock tracks since it first dropped on my desk, and 2008 is delivering the goods. The Hands self-titled full-length debut drops on Feb. 19 on Selector Sound and their celebrating with a release show (originally scheduled at the Croc) at Chop Suey on Feb. 29. Catch them first on January 18 at the Comet, but Healy gives reason enough not to miss the big day:

"It's going to be very different from the Comet show , in that our CD has an 11-minute song that is a bit of a departure from our previous stuff, and we'll be playing that there along with a finale with The Whoremoans and us as one band."

I have yet to hear the record in it's entirety, but--though it does include a selection of songs from the So Sweet EP--an 11 minute track should lend itself well to that departure from the "all go" and into the realm of space infusion. Looking forward to it.

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