New Releases: Cat Power, Black Mountain, Blood on the Wall, Super Furry Animals


Cat Power - Jukebox

Chan Marshall, we never tire of hearing you perform the songs that influenced and shaped your music. The originals welt under your sexy breath. Jukebox is essentially The Covers Records II, where Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Brown and more are represented, though there's a couple Cat Power-penned songs thrown in for good measure. Unlike the first Covers Record with Chan mostly on her own, Blues Explosion-alum Judah Bauer, and Dirty Three's Jim White cut their teeth as part of her Dirty Delta Blues Band on Jukebox. The Special Edition version of the record comes with five extra, ambitious covers that include Nick Cave and New Orleans rappers Hot Boyz. (Lady has to get back to her Southern roots, ya know?)

See her next: Wednesday, Feb. 6 in New York at Terminal 5.


Black Mountain - In The Future

After toiling away on all their various side-projects (Pink Mountaintops, Blood Meridian, Lightning Dust, Sinoia Caves, am I forgetting anything?) and endlessly touring in support of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut over the last three years, Vancouver's own shadowy titans of big stone bliss, Black Mountain, reemerge. And they're In The Future. If this is what the future sounds like, then bring it!

See them next: Thursday, January 31 at Neumos with Howlin' Rain.


Blood on the Wall - Liferz

The fantastic Social Registry can never do wrong and neither can one of their own, New York trio Blood on the Wall, whose sound is pricked by the 80s indie skuzz tip of Sonic Youth, the manic imbalance of The Pixies, and the instant-D.I.Y.-healing of Minutemen. Short songs, short album - Liferz is the GETTING-READY/GETTING-ROWDY-RECORD-OF-THE-SEASON!

See them next: Monday, Feb. 4 at Sunset Tavern.


Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus

Six months after Europe gets their taste, Gruff Rhys and Co. finally get some stateside love with Hey Venus, an album that has longtime SFA fans feeling goooood. Portland fan D. Sloan says "it's a bit mellower than much of their previous catalog, but the melodies are strong, the mood is uplifting, and... it will leave you feeling a little better and more at peace with the world - what more can you ask?" Comes with a bonus disc of non-album tracks and videos.

See them next: Tuesday, Feb. 12 at Neumos with Holy Fuck.

Other mentionable releases o' the day: Mahjongg, Matt Costa, Liam Finn, Times New Viking, Buzzcocks, and KRS-One.

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