Bon Voyage, Melissa Quayle!


photo by Shilo Byrd

You know this face. If you've been involved in Seattle's music scene in the last eight years, Melissa Quayle's work has likely touched you in some way. She started volunteering at the Vera Project at 19, eventually becoming the all-ages organization's Program Director in 2006. For the story of her trajectory, check out Aja's interview with her from that year here).

Other places you might recognize her from include Neumo's, where she spent a year in management, and the various alleys and parking lots she's double-dutched in with the Tina Turners. When I moved here in 2004 and knew about two people, she welcomed me into the music community with my first job as a Neumo's door girl. I came to know her as one of the warmest and most ambitious people I've ever met, and that's a combination you don't run across every day. Now she's taking off to New York City--but not before saying goodbye to the West Coast and spending a month on the beach in Jamaica. You can toast her tonight at her official going-away party at the Cha Cha, starting at 9 p.m.

I only had two questions for her about this soiree:

How are you feeling today? Nervous? Excited?

"I'm ok. I think my bronchitis is coming back, so that's not cool. And now I don't have insurance. So I'm gonna put out a donation bucket so people can give me money for medicine (laughs)."

Are they going to play hip hop for you at the Cha?

"Well, I'm trying to [get them to], but yesterday the owner said I couldn't bring a DJ. I know a lot of the bartenders, so I might just put in mixtapes and connect Ipods, but yeah, there should be lots of hip hop."

I suggest Mos Def's "Travellin' Man." Big up Melissa!

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