Yep, Of Course People Want to Buy the Crocodile


A local club owner (who understandably needs to remain anonymous at this time) is already looking at picking up the Croc's month-to-month lease. The fact of the matter is that the building's rent is surprisingly inexpensive, the landlord is a good guy who supports the idea of a club continuing in that space (put those unfounded condo fears aside, seriously), and it's not unthinkable that someone could step in and snag the space. My fingers are crossed, but confidential to you, my good man: please give it serious thought.

UPDATE: Damn, now it's a collective of club owners (and no, I'm not talking about Steven Severin or Jason Lajeunesse). We may get a killer Christmas present yet--stay tuned to Reverb.... I'm feeling cautiously optimistic, and we'll let you know if and when anything firm goes down.

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