In between your shifts serving in soup kitchens and snatching up gifts for the needy family you adopted, really-take some time to treat yourself to


The Weekend Preview: Ho Ho Ho Edition

In between your shifts serving in soup kitchens and snatching up gifts for the needy family you adopted, really-take some time to treat yourself to one of these many live musical experiences this holiday weekend!


Friday, December 21


Red Elvises, Tractor Tavern.

The Russian (but Venice Beach-based) rock and rollers the Red Elvises kick of a two night stand at the Tractor Tavern! They may be schticky, but they're also pretty. . schticky. $15, 9 p.m.

Ma'Chell Duma Lavassar says the Shackles Ruben Mendez has super-human abilities in this week's Short List:

On the outside he presents an unassuming, demurely well-dressed façade. No Joe Shmoe on the street would guess he has the power to, in one yelp, instantaneously rock the party, and a Midas touch that instead of turning things gold, makes them super cool.

Come see for yourself at the Jewelbox Theater, 10:30 p.m. $5.


Strong Killings' Nate Mooter, Comet Tavern.

Kay Kay AHWU spin off Wild Orchid Children help the Comet celebrate the first edition of the bar's X-mas bash along with the very rocking Strong Killings who count colorful guitarist Nate Mooter (of the Lashes and Kay Kay) among their main members which always takes boring out of the equation. They also make a habit of reviewing their own shows. Here's a band-penned excerpt from a June 21st outing:

First off I'd like to just say that Strong Killings were one of the best bands of the evening, commanding a noisome presence, and totally whooping ass except for that one part i fucked up.We walked our equipment the two blocks from our beautiful practice space to the Comet. Load in was action packed. I changed out of my short shorts into a really cute outfit in the gross comet bathroom, and laughed at the Dwarven Glory Hole (it's like 2 feet off the ground). Then we did something else but i don't remember. Oh wait, we started drinking.

Expect some of the same (especially the drinking part) tonight.


December 22


Aqueduct Dave, Chop Suey.

Chop Suey celebrates the holidays with Aqueduct and that other band with a long name and a lot of members mentioned above. Jolly, jovial, joyous. There will be no shortage of congratulatory grins on stage tonight. 8 p.m. $10 adv.

OMG! Duff from G N EFFEN R! He plays with his band Loaded at the Sunset. Brian J. Barr says:

They play straight-forward hard rock with topics and lyrics that some would label cliché. It’s hard-driving music that guys with fast cars would listen to.

He also predicts the Sunset will sell out. Get there earls. 9 p.m.


Blue Scholars get with the Program, Neumo's.

"The Program? Why did we do the Program? It's five days of hip-hop in the town. Hella local and regional artists. It's a good idea. Why not do it?" is what Blue Scholars' DJ Sabzi said about their five night Scholar-curated hip-hop extravaganza. Tonight marks the finale with Blue Scholars, Ohmega Watts, Cancer Rising, The Physics, DJ Bless One at Neumo's, 8 p.m. $15 adv.


December 23

This is all I've got:


Spencer Moody, AKA DJ Fat Buddy Holly, Chop Suey

Noble Destiny: Holiday Dance Party with DJ Fat Buddy Holly aka Spencer Moody, Sam Rousso Soundsystem (Ruff Gemz), Kendra Is Magic, Rezound

Spencer Moody sure knows how to spread some holiday cheer. From the giant illuminated nativity scene window display in his junk/home accoutrements shop the Anne Bonny to donating his lap as a red-headed Jolly Old St. Nick at the Cha Cha Christmas party (sporting his own beard), there’s no shortage of spirit. Tonight he continues, contributing his crate of gems to Noble Destiny, a “Holiday Dance Party” as DJ Fat Buddy Holly. Moody, whose live performances as a musician tend to lean towards the noise, rock and sometimes screaming variety, won’t get into specifics, but promises that tonight, “Everyone who comes will hear their very favorite music. And that’s a guarantee. It’s not a money back guarantee, but it’s a guarantee.” Between he, local favorite Sam Rousso Soundsystem (of the popular, recently-defunct club night Ruff Gemz), Kendra is Magic of Dreamburger and NYC-based Rezound, it’s a guarantee that will likely be made good. Chop Suey, 9 p.m., $5. AJA PECKNOLD


December 24

The Blue Moon Taverns hosts the wacky antics of the 4th Annual Blowdog and Sneezy Christmas Pageant and Midnight Mass with members of the Hopscotch Boys and a Gun That Shoots Knives, which the tavern describes as "a bizarre event featuring music by members of the aforementioned bands as well as puppets, ukulele playing female Santas, and a DJ spinning country Christmas music."



December 25

Miss Duma Lavassar put it best:

Depandable Services Save Christmas, JewelBox/Rendezvous

2nd Annual Casual Industrees X-Mas Party La Pajama with Mob Law, Special Guests, DJ Radem @ Neumo's

These shows sound fine, but let's face facts, if you were raised in an even vaguely Christian household, Christmas at the bar is depressing. You and everyone else is there because you have no place to go or your relatives are so fucked you have spend the night drinking to erase the evening's family festivities. Countless cocktails later you'll just be drunk, depressed and still skeeved out by the uncle who hugs you a little too long. You know the hip "old" guy where you work, (he wears Sonic Youth t-shirts under his button down) score an invitation to his house. His cool wife will cook, the conversation, music and wine will flow, and his cute, but not too cute kids, will infect you with genuine, unbridled Christmas enthusiasm. You'll awake on December 26, feeling positively decent and not awkwardly under the arm of some stranger whose even sadder than you.

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