The Mounatin Goats Wander Back


Photos by Laura Musselman. Click here for an audio slideshow from the band's March stop at Neumo's.

Mountain Goats

When: Feb. 23

Where: Neumo's

Audio Slideshow: Click here to for a look at their March set at Neumo's

Our own Keegan Hamilton had this to say about the band's show in March:

"In fact, lead-singer John Darnielle often looked ecstatic that the packed house was actually there to see him and seemed to know some words to his songs. The highlight of the set-list, which, though well-rounded, drew heavily from 2005’s The Sunset Tree, was the rousing, upbeat, “This Year,” which elicited the loudest mass karaoke of the night and closed the first set. Also entertaining was a country/bluegrass rendition of “Dance Music,” and “Pigs That Ran Straightaway Into the Water, Triumph Of," which Darnielle noted was a recent addition to the live repertoire that came with the live drums."


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