New Releases: Wu Tang, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd Box Sets

As if spending money on others wasn't enough to pinch the wallet this holiday season, today, music fans around the globe will be settling maxed-out credit card issues so they can get their hands on these puppies:


Wu Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams

Compared to the following items, this is the bargain of the week. Wu's back with their first full-length since the passing of one of their own, that savage spitter, Ol' Dirty Bastard. I haven't exactly been much of a fan of the last two Wu albums (although each of 'em have their moments), but here's hoping they've picked up where Wu Tang Forever left off ten years ago - "Eight Diagram sword swinga armored tank force/ RZA throw in the disc but then change the bank source."

See them next: Sunday, Dec. 30 at Showbox SODO.


Pink Floyd - Oh, By The Way (box set)

It costs a lot of money to purchase all fourteen Pink Floyd studio albums, from 1968's Piper at the Gates of Dawn to 1994's The Division Bell, packaged in mini LP gatefold sleeves, as well as a poster and two Pink Floyd coasters, but this is really a beautiful limited box set that should make any Pink Floyd fan your slave for a year or longer. My eyes watered when I held it in my hands.'

See them next: While eating mushrooms and stumbling around Pacific Science Center.


Radiohead - Radiohead (box set)

Oh, EMI/Capitol, tricky devils you! I see what you're doing. Releasing a box set containing every Radiohead studio album up until Hail to the Thief, just in times for Christmas, when Radiohead fans are spending millions of bucks on the band for their new album and discbox set, In Rainbows. You're trying to combat Radiohead's former free agent status, in hopes of usurping some of those online funds that have been going directly to the band. But don't you realize those people already owns these albums? Oh, you put them in a pretty little white box? Way to go. My arm is twisted and I am officially broke.

See them next: 2008 US Tour Dates to be announced.

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