Live Music Tonight: Arbitron


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Blue Light Curtain, Curious Mystery, Arbitron

Where: JewelBox/Rendezvous

When: 10:30pm

Cost: $5

You always hear people referred to as the "th" member of a band or project. Like when someone refers to one of the 20 or so people who've been called the fifth Beatle. It's usually a producer or artist, someone heavily involved in the band's creative process. I don't personally know the guys in Arbitron, a Seattle duo influenced by the likes of Jesus Lizard and Mclusky, but it sounds like their "rd" (third member) is their drug dealer. And I mean this in the best way possible. Their beautiful perversion of what was once "Elvira" by shiny '70s country stars the Oak Ridge Boys is a warped, noise-rock gem that anyone who is slightly twisted with a nice stash will enjoy.

-- Ma'Chell Dua LaVassar

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