Dubai Not Into the Groove


Traveling for the holidays? I know folks who've already split for Mexico and Thailand, but if you're still in packing mode, make sure you consider the rules and regulations of the country you're visiting. It blows my mind to think that someone who's toured the world as consistenly as Grooverider wouldn't know what not to pack for a trip to the Middle East, but no. Caught on Nov. 23 with both herb and porn in his record bag, the Radio 1 drum and bass DJ faces a hearing in a Dubai court this week on whether or not he'll spend four years in prison there.

More explanation and a delicious story of rescue courtesy Resident Advisor:

"The arrest is the latest in a series of drug busts involving Western talent booked to perform in the Gulf State, which struggles to balance conservative Islamic traditions with the liberal tastes of its large expatriate population.

In 2006, US RnB star Dallas Austin was sentenced to four years in prison in the country after being caught carrying cocaine and ecstacy into the country. Austin was later pardoned by the ruler of Dubai after intense lobbying from both US senators with business ties in the region and Lionel Ritchie, a cult favourite in the Arab world."

Lionel! I'm wondering what Brit has the leverage to save Grooverider? I hear Prince Harry is quite the clubber...

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