Didn't snatch up M.I.A. tickets for tonight's sold out show? Too lazy to leave the couch for Stars ?

Catch them both live on KEXP


Tonight's Sneak Peak

Didn't snatch up M.I.A. tickets for tonight's sold out show? Too lazy to leave the couch for Stars?

Catch them both live on KEXP today: M.I.A. hits the studio at 2:30 with Kevin Cole and Stars roll in around 4:30.



Brian had this to say about the Sri Lankan beauty in this week's Short List:

You gotta ask yourself the question: If your first album was critically acclaimed by damn near everyone on the planet and you stood a chance of becoming really hot shit with a second album, what you do? Would you just make the same record again, but with a pop sheen? Or would you dive in—like a true artist—and just get fucking crazy. In this era of blatant opportunists, M.I.A. is an icon. The fact that she made a daring, danceable record (2005’s Arular) and possessed a lovely exotic charm (she’s Sri Lankan) put her in a position to be a global star. Who knows if she was aware of the hype or not, but her latest, Kala, proves she doesn’t care. Whereas Arular contained traces of Madonna, Peaches, and NWA, Kala is simultaneously glitchy, grimy, erratic, rhythmic, dizzying, narcotizing, sexy, and confrontational. Listening to her cherry-pick global sounds is like taking a motorcycle ride through the congested, exhaust-choked streets of every city in the world. Kala is a beast not easily defined, and I like to think of it as M.I.A.’s way of telling us that the cultures of the world aren’t either. BRIAN J. BARR

Showbox SODO 1700 1st Ave. S., 382-7877 , http://www.showboxonline.com, $25 adv./$28 Fri., November 16, 8:00pm.

And Seely loves Stars:

Montreal’s Stars operate with a sense of preciousness that rivals Belle & Sebastian and the Decemberists. Just look at the liner notes of Stars’ latest, a concept album titled In Our Bedroom After the War. Here, co-leader Torquil Campbell (also of Broken Social Scene and Memphis fame) is credited with contributing “vocals, synths, melodica, apple pipe, whining, ranting, weeping.” Ugh—I’d love to be able to hate this band. But I can’t, because unlike their contemporaries, Stars deliver on their grand conceit with mind-blowing consistency. Ranging stylistically from Morrissey to Morcheeba, In Our Bedroom satisfies at a level somewhere between Stars’ overrated (but still really good) Set Yourself on Fire, and the underrated (and even better) Heart. Simply put, they’re one of the few modern-day bands that gets high concept dead right. Miracle Fortress opens. MIKE SEELY

Showbox at the Market 1426 First Ave., 628-3151 , http://www.showboxonline.com, $16 adv./$18 Fri., November 16, 8:00pm.

Grayskul just wrapped up a tremendous live set as well- they play tonight at the Chop with Hangar 18. Sam Chesneau welcomes the boys back:

After a lengthy tour with their labelmates, indie-hop giants Atmosphere, Grayskul return for the first time since their release party in September pushing their groundbreaking Bloody Radio, a stellar follow up to 2005’s Deadlivers on Rhymesayers. Grayskul consistently raise the bar on creativity both in making music as well as their live performance. In true b-boy fashion, details are never brushed over with their meticulous nature, evident in everything from the sound system and lighting to their stage theatrics. One can never front on 206Hop’s real life superheroes, Grayskul’s Onry Ozzborn and JFK, of the Oldominion crew. SAMUEL L. CHESNEAU

Chop Suey 1325 E. Madison St., 324-8000 , http://www.chopsuey.com, $10 adv Fri., November 16, 9:00pm.

Also tonight: RTX at the Comet! The Cops CD release at the Croc! Alejandro Escovedo at the Tractor! And much, much more.

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