Solo, Roderick Is Awesome

Don't ask why I was up at 5:30 a.m. scrolling through Sasha Frere-Jones' blog for the New Yorker. While doing so, I did stumble across this little post he did on John Roderick's performance at this year's 826 Seattle benefit...

"He also sang two songs by himself, and they were not funny, nor do they seem designed to have been. “Pushover,” which you can hear on the MySpace page for Roderick’s band, the Long Winters, appears to be about lovers fighting, or trying to fight. The band’s version is pleasant and vigorous, full of keyboards and echoing guitars and harmonies. But when Roderick sang it, with nothing but his guitar and booming voice, it was even stronger. When he bellowed, “Wish me luck, wish me luck,” it sounded as if he needed a little luck, but also as if he would be just fine if things didn’t work out."

I didn't attend this year's benefit, but I have seen John Roderick perform many, many times (heck, he's always a performer...even when he orders food at a restaurant). From the sounds of Frere-Jones' post, he wasn't too familiar with Roderick beforehand. But he walked away from his performance with an opinion I've long held..Roderick is amazing solo performer. I think the Long Winters are one of the best bands we have in this city, but when Roderick takes the stage armed with just his guitar, ego, and massive wit...unbelievable! For those who haven't witnessed Solo Roderick, the EP, Ultimatum, has some fine examples, especially "Bride and Bridle". I'm not advocating a break-up of the Long Winters, but I wouldn't mind seeing an album of just John Roderick and his guitar in the future.

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