Heard on the Hill...and elsewhere

Good music followed me around all weekend...


Heard at: Coastal Kitchen during brunch on Saturday. Like Aja, I'm in the mood to listen to my favorite singer-songwriters on this blustery day, and Kings of Convenience are them. If you're not already a fan, you've really got to get over their awful name, awful album art, and pretentious album titles, because all that is deceiving. They simply have beautiful voices, harmonize beautifully, and make mundane statements like "I had never really known you, but I realized that the one you were before, had changed into somebody for whom I wouldn't mind to put the kettle on" sound charming and beautiful.


Heard at: Red Light on Broadway. When "Today" played, it made me happy enough, but when they kept the album going, I found reasons to stay in the store as long as I possibly could, until "Soma."


Heard at: the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Contemporary Classics on Saturday night. The second piece was Susan Marshall's "Kiss," an "aerial pas de deux" with music by Pärt. I've had friends with really eclectic taste recommend this composer before but nothing had ever stuck in my mind. It took two flying, embracing dancers under a red light, to the song "Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten." I'm surprised to learn that the song has a pretty deep, and dark story.

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