Everybody Run, Celine Dion is Coming!

There is nothing to fear but Celine Dion.


October 18, 2008. Perhaps your neighbors are already excited for this date, nearly a year a way. Thank God I won't be in town.

I lived in Las Vegas for three years. OK, I lived in Henderson, but it's practically the same thing. I occasionally ventured to The Strip, usually toting out-of-towners. Once such night I became separated from my group while at Caesar's Palace. I soon found myself in a part of the hotel/casino very near the theater hosting Celine Dion's "A New Day."

The room flooded with men bulging out of their suits, but more clean cut than the average Vegas bouncer. Celine was about to enter the room on her way out of the hotel. I ran, which is something I actively avoid doing. You see, Celine Dion scares me. Her voice, her face, her scarecrow-like body; I feel the need to scream and swear whenever I see or hear her. The possibility of being in the same room as her was unbearable.

Some of you out there will spend money to do the thing that scares me most. The good news is that her tour will take her out of Las Vegas.

Maybe I'll go back.

Celine Dion, 10-18-2008, at the Tacoma Dome.

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