Recorded Sirens Vs. Actual Sirens


This afternoon, while driving around and listening to Modeselektor's EXCELLENT new record, Happy Birthday, the sound of sirens on the short bit, "The Dark Side of the Frog," seeped out of the speakers. But when I noticed that the siren sounds got louder and louder, I looked in my rear view to see an SPD car hauling ass and gaining on me with its siren blaring and lights flashing, totally in sync with the track. I thought I was getting pulled over, but the cop zoomed past me (and the intersection we were both approaching). As the sirens faded in the distance, the sirens on the track came back...Weird. This isn't the first this has happened to me - not one month after I got my driver's license, while listening to Public Enemy or Boogie Down Productions (can't remember), some sirens started blaring in song at the very moment a cop car was on my bumper, flashing his brights to tell me to get out of the way. I was scared shitless, because a speeding ticket was the last thing a fresh-faced driver needed.

Has this ever happened to you while driving around, when some recorded cop/ambulance/fire truck sirens came onto a track, and then you realize you're actually hearing sirens right outside your window? I hate it, but am curious to hear your story!

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