Net Neutrality Teleconference at the Croc

At tomorrow night's sold out Matt Nathanson show at the Croc, politics will make an appearance in the form of a "teleconference" on the matter of the Network Neutrality Act. Nathanson, along with Sonic Boom co-owner Nabil Ayers will pow wow with U.S. Rep Jay Inslee, a co-sponsor of the act, on the matter.

What's all the fuss about?

Rock the Net, an organization of musicians for Net Neutrality puts it this way on their site: "Net neutrality ensures that all users can access the content, or run the applications and devices of their choice."

They're taking a stand against plans by internet service providers to charge content providers fees to make their sites load faster, which could limit access to certain sites to those without the ability to pay. 762 bands (from Aesop Rock to R.E.M.) and 155 labels (including the likes of Bloodshot, Misra and Merge) have signed on to show support for the act.

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