Here's a little roundup of records you couldn't get yesterday that you now can today. Happy Tuesday. Jholiday.jpg  

J. Holiday
Back of My 'Lac



Mmmmmmmm Drop!

Makin' babies in the back of a 'lac and modern worship songs to make love to your old lady by. Or not.

Here's a little roundup of records you couldn't get yesterday that you now can today. Happy Tuesday. Jholiday.jpg 

J. Holiday
Back of My 'Lac

It's called Back of My 'Lac for god's sake. There's no other motivation needed to pick this sucker up. According to an online retail giant who recently launched a digital download mega mall of their own, some people who bought this also purchased a lovely sounding album by a group of nice looking boys who call themselves Jagged Edge entitled Baby Makin' Project. How appropo.

Catch him next: Tonight at the Downtown Locker Room in Hyattsville, Maryland.


Sharon Jones
100 Days 100 Nights

Amazon editorial contributor and former Seattle Sound editor Jason Kirk gives a shout out to Seattle label Light in the Attic in his review of Ms. Jones' latest:

In the new millennium, soul has become big business again. But despite succulent re-issues from labels like Astralwerks and Light in the Attic, the resurgence of seasoned soul sisters like Bettye LaVette, and the volcanic popularity of new-soul crooners like Amy Winehouse, the champions of the new generation's purist strain are Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings. After the often upbeat, always exciting sounds of 2005's Naturally, the band's next outing comes off as a slightly more tempered affair. The title track opens with an indefatigable statement of purpose, dropping into a late-stage, sub-halftime groove so Jones can fully "take [her] time" lamenting her missing man. Elsewhere, her voice effortless treads the heights and depths of its range with timeless aplomb ("Be Easy," "When the Other Foot Drops, Uncle," "Answer Me"). The Dap Kings themselves have reached a pocket-digging near-perfection, recent collaborations with Kanye West, Lily Allen, and the aforementioned Winehouse, yielding the sounds of a band at the top of its game. At times, these tracks court the uninspired flavor of the wholly derivative, but in all, 100 Days, 100 Nights makes for a very welcome addition to any avid listener's contemporary soul music library. --Jason Kirk 

Catch them next: Neumo's, December 8th.


The Pipettes
We Are the Pipettes  

“What if all of those girl groups had never stopped, and what if the Beatles had never existed . . . what would it be like now?” says Pipettes co-frontwoman Rose Dougall (aka Rosay Pipette). Begins Michael Alan Goldberg's feature on the Brittish, all lady, seven-piece outfit. Read more here.

Catch them next: November 1st at the Crocodile Cafe.  


Various Artists
51 Modern Worship Hits

This triple discer with it's indie-riffic cover art features over 50 Modern Worship Hits (no joke) including catching the spirit worthy jammers like "I am Free" by Promise Keepers,  "Your Love is Deep" by Jami Smith and Jason Morant's "Unashamed Love".

Catch them next: Perhaps on the boom box at the next Mars Hill mass baptism.

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