Here it goes. . . a couple new releases and a few more to come. . . ceaseto.jpg

Band of Horses Cease to Begin

The boys


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Band of Horses, Jens Lekman and more.

Here it goes. . . a couple new releases and a few more to come. . . ceaseto.jpg

Band of Horses Cease to Begin

The boys were back in town for a couple of pre-release performances- a "secret" Myspace show at the Vera Project and an in-store at Easy Street and were greeted with the grey Seattle weather they had long left behind for the South Carolina coast.  It's been a while since Ben Bridwell's very first show as Horses, at the Showbox Greenroom. Mat Brooke also played that night, by himself, before he was even in the band, along with the Can't See. There was a magic kind of feeling hovering around that show- the kind where people look at each other knowingly, aware that together, they were bearing witness to the very beginning of something special. I've still got the sign that commemorates the night's bill, burned into wood. That's about the only thing though, that's stayed the same since then. Budgets have grown, band members have moved, some have split and other bands have been born. Band of Horses new record comes out today, and there's a poignant truth to the title. It really is the end of the beginning.

Brian Barr has a whole lot to say (about 800 words or so) as well, in this week's issue.

Catch them next:  November 19 and 20 at the Showbox


Jens Lekman Night Falls Over Kortedala

Is out today on Secretly Canadian. I've heard a few folks say that they're able to get into the record once they've gotten over it's uber high levels of preciousness. He sounds a bit like Jonathan Richman and Pitchfork gave him a 9.0. But what do they know.

Catch him next:  November 6th at Nectar with Throw Me the Statue.

Though there are a bunch of other folks (Kid Rock, J Lo, Eric Clapton to name a few) who've got new records out today, but I'd rather use this space to make sure these few upcoming albums are on your radar. . .


Neil Young Chrome Dreams II

Out: October 16th

Try to forget about "Let's Impeach the President". This record harkens back to a more timeless era. It may soon be up there in my mind with Harvest (even "A Man Needs a Maid"), After the Gold Rush and On the Beach.

Catch him next: October 23rd at WaMu Theatre. 


Levon Helm Dirt Farmer

Out: October 30th

I love Levon Helm. Whether he's playing with The Band, singing with The Band ("The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" is enough to inspire large flannel clad men to wail away together with their arms around each other) giving drum lessons on tape or playing a creepy backwoods gun expert in Shooter with Marky Mark, this is one allllllright guy. Elton John  named a song after him. The man beat throat cancer. Dirt Farmer is his first solo effort in 25 years and it's a collection features dusty down south traditionals like "False Hearted Lover Blues" and "The Girl I Left Behind".


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Complete Recordings

Out: November 6th.

That's all that needs to be said.


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