Neil Young - Chrome Dreams II

Yes, it's finally out. Buy it today, hear it tonight.

See him next : TONIGHT at WaMu Theater.



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Hot releases for October 23.


Neil Young - Chrome Dreams II

Yes, it's finally out. Buy it today, hear it tonight.

See him next: TONIGHT at WaMu Theater.



Ween - La Cucaracha

Anyone who knows me well, knows that Ween is one of my all-time favorite bands. Their new album, La Cucaracha, will get stuck in your head, sometimes when you don't want it to. The absurd, synth-horn blasting "Fiesta," is like the music you'd probably hear at some third-rate big top circus, when the tiny fire engine clown car stuffed with clowns wearing squirting roses comes out to put out a pathetic fire. Gives the phrase "so bad it's good" a whole new meaning. I mean, there's even a song with smooth jazz saxophonist David Sanborn. These dudes seem like pretty cool dads, but they're still fucking nuts.

See them next: November 13 at Paramount Theater 


Siberian - With Me

Yes, they're still Seattle's best kept secret, but I'm curious to see what happens with the band after this. Although With Me is a very safe record, it still has its stride of adventure, coming out sounding very lovely. Become one with Siberian.

See them next: CD release show November 2 at the Crocodile Cafe.


Holy Fuck - LP

Holy Fuck, indeed. The analog Casio's, propulsive, lock-tight drums, and sputtering noise from this Toronto outfit puts them in the Trans Am trajectory (yet another all-time favorite band). However, this debut throttles a little above and beyond Trans Am's recent offerings, enough to knock Trans Am's Sex Change way out of my top 10 of 2007. Holy Fuck's gas tank never empties as they navigate on cruise control, no brakes. Buy it.  

See them next: No Seattle dates yet :(


Phosphorescent - Pride 

Another album that moves me for a whole 'nother reason - deep emotions. Stark, spiritual folk in that fits Will Oldham to a T (even down to the record cover photograph), though I've heard others pair him with Microphones and even Clem Snide. The lyrics are great, and the music befits many clear, late-night moments. A truly gorgeous record that feels great to bum out on.

See him next: He just played last night at Sunset Tavern (great show, despite the microphone issues), so if you're in the mood for a three hour excursion, he's playing Towne Lounge tonight in Portland.


Prefuse 73 - Preparations + Bonus Disc

It's getting harder and harder to stomach Prefuse 73 releases, in part because they've become rather uneven, and the attempts at trying something new only comes off half-baked. Maybe I'm just not that into Prefuse as much as I once was. His glitchy beats are still interesting, but more or less what we've come to expect. And frankly, I'm still digging his Savath and Savalas release from this summer. Trying to top his other creative outlets with something like Preparations is like putting a pint of creamy chocolate ice cream onto a big slab of ribeye. It just doesn't work and it becomes a big mess.

See him next: December 6 at Neumos 




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