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Sam Jayne of Love as Laughter

As Brian mentioned in our Short List podcast this week, I could write volumes about the under-appreciated nature of Sam Jayne's music. He's a songwriting genius with more charisma in one sloshy pinky than most over-hyped bands of the moment. When he gets on stage and belts out pretty much anything from the catalogue he's amassed over the past decade or so, there's a piercing, vibrant clarity and authenticity in his delivery that's unmatched by most, even when he's clearly one sip over the line. Yet when he comes through town, it's almost always as an opener and only hard core fans seem to give a shit. Jayne's Love as Laughter played a riveting set at Neumo's last night, opening for Man Man. The all ages crowd on the floor was a bit sparse, with more folks in the over 21 balcony, who didn't seem to be paying much attention.

At one point Jayne stopped. "We're Love as Laughter. We're from Brooklyn," he paused. "At least we are now." No one reacted. "You yuppies probably don't remember," he continued, "But some of us used to live here." Still no one made a sound- as if they'd long forgotten or never knew that Jayne used to call Seattle home.

Before exiting he showed his roots again, reminding showgoers to head up the street to the Cha Cha for his good friend Kim Warnick's benefit, which went off- packing the bar with Seattle's music folks showing support -members of bands galore (Cave Singers, Lashes, Triumph of Lethargy, Das Llamas, Sunday Night Blackout and more), Kurt Bloch on the decks, Amy Dials (dressed as Kim) drawing raffle tickets for everything from sky diving to rare Mudhoney box sets and plenty of people piled in to booths drinking for the cause. Jayne showed up towards the end, dressed up in a long curly wig and dancing between tables.

A morning-after report indicates that Kim should be all taken care of until she's able to start work at the bar again, but there's still an Ebay auction in the works that will benefit MusicCares (an org that has helped Kim and many other musicians in need) featuring a guitar from Eddie Vedder that comes with a handwritten 2-page letter from the man himself that touches on what the instrument means to him, touring with the Fastbacks and more. Auction details TBA.

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