Friday Night Noise with John Wiese and Gerritt

What was that? I can't hear a freakin' thing!

john weise-gerritt.jpg

In terms of tearing a hole in the ear drums of Belltown denizens tomorrow night, The Black Lips have nothing on Los Angeles-based noise monster John Wiese and Oakland's Gerritt, who will be performing just down the street at Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater. I first met Gerritt three or four years ago in Houston, where he began putting out brutal, super limited noise records of Merzbow, Wiese/Bastard Noise/Sissy Spacek, and his own recordings on his label, Misanthropic Agenda. Gerritt's shows are amongst the loudest and brightest I've ever seen - heavy, distorted, static, floor-trembling blasts of noise and an epilepsy-causing bank of gajillion-watt strobe lights, masked in a spewing, thick fog. Anyone who shows up without ear plugs and protective eye wear is a damn fool!

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