Feral Children put on one hell of a show. There could be anything from flying basses to fist fights- so make sure to head to


Feral Children Aren't Horsing Around

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Feral Children put on one hell of a show. There could be anything from flying basses to fist fights- so make sure to head to Easy Street tomorrow night at 8 p.m. for our free SW Outsiders showcase with these guys-

There's a little feature on them from this week's issue, but my time with them yielded much more than 700 words worth. Take a look at Feral Children's take on a few subjects below- but before you do that Brian Barr wants to remind everyone that Carolyn Mark will play later that night (9:30) at Easy Street After Hours in West Seattle.



Feral Children weigh in on. . .

FC's Jim Cotton on 764-HERO/The Can't See's John Atkins

“Two years ago, I remember, I was at the old Cha Cha, and I walked in there and John Atkins was playing our cd! That to me- it was a much bigger compliment to me than being played on the end or KEXP- because it’s John Atkins, at the cha cha.” 


“I feel like Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney when he comes in [to the Redwood]- I’ll spill something every time. He’s my hero. “


“He has done more for Seattle than Kurt Cobain. He’s one of my biggest influences ever. Every time I talk to him I make an ass of myself.”



“And by the way- fuck you for throwing a bass at my head you dick.” –Drummer Bill Cole to Jim  Cotton


“The first time we played the Crocodile, I just picked up my guitar, being an overemotional prick, threw it across the room and just walked offstage- the next thing I hear I hear is there’s fuckin’ blood!’”- Guitarist Josh Gamble


“The first thing Bill Cole said to me was if you put me in the hospital, I’ll put you in the hospital.”  --Gamble


“I used to not be so active onstage- but then I get to the point where I actually think about what I’m singing. And I’m like- that really does suck. Fuck this! I’m gonna throw something at Bill!” --Cotton


“He called me a fucking idiot probably twelve times in a row. And so I said don’t call me an idiot and he said you fucking retard and I punched him in the face- and Jim clocked me right on the top of the head.” --vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jeff Keenan


“The first practice we ever went to together, we were waiting for the number 8 bus to Queen  Anne and Jim just hauls off and cracks Jeff on the shoulder1” --Cole


“He made fun of my mom once in the car- and I slapped him across the face- and it didn’t fel as god as I thought.” --Sergey Posrednikov on Gamble.


“Your mom still thinks I’m gay!” --Gamble to Posrednikov


“Eventually, we are gonna pull off to a rest area and beat the shit out of each other.” --Cole on upcoming tours.


“If aliens come to this earth, I would like to be able to get naked and run into the wild. If I have tattoos they’re going to say that’s an intelligent being, let’s probe him! But if they see me naked with no tattoos, they’ll just be like oh he’s just some wild creature, let’s leave him alone.” --Keenan


“The opening scene is this little kid is feeding a horse grain- a really long scene, very intense. The horse finishes the grain, and the kid looks up and says mommy! This horse is great! And then the horse scalps the kid by his hair.” --Keenan, on his own screenplay concept.


“The tagline is don’t run- were not horsing around.” --Cole


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