Besides the fact that the weather has been pretty crappy, I think I know the reason I've stayed home this week; I've been saving all


Fact: The Weekend Starts Tonight!

Besides the fact that the weather has been pretty crappy, I think I know the reason I've stayed home this week; I've been saving all my energy for tonight. Oh man, tonight is going to rip! Take a gander at a few of the events happening tonight that we spotlighted in this week's issue:

Broken Disco with Modeselektor, Jacob London, Recess vs. Introcut, DJ Struggle, Nordic Soul, Electrosect

Chop Suey 1325 E. Madison St., 324-8000, $12

“Bitch motherfucker” isn’t something you expect to hear from the mouths of puppets. But that’s what the Berlin-based puppet hip hop group (uh-huh) Puppetmastaz contribute to “The Dark Side of the Sun,” the first single from Modeselektor’s new Happy Birthday. The track is mostly unintelligible, with Modeselektor’s Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary (former DJs who’ve become quite phenomenal and inventive producers) having chopped it up nicely. The result falls somewhere between techno, rap, and Eurocrunk, whatever that means—and it’s not the album’s only comment on the absurd creativity now pulsing through Berlin. Modeselektor reeled in a remarkable assortment of guests for an album that truly defies categorization. One minute, it’s Thom Yorke’s familiar moan over a dubstep groove, then French rappers TTC coughing up a Gauloise, then Rhythm & Sound vocal legend Paul St. Hilaire crooning over something with the two-step of jungle and the empty space of ambient. How all this translates to the dance floor, I can’t wait to find out. With Jacob London, Recess Vs Introcut, DJ Struggle, Nordic Soul, Electrosect, and the Shameless Makeout Lounge. RACHEL SHIMP

Hypatia Lake, CUPIDS, Levator, Pink Snowflakes

Comet Tavern 922 E. Pike St., 323-9853, $6

In my other Short List preview this week, I give mention to the media saturation surrounding NYC up and comers White Rabbits. While it's great when a good band achieves a certain level of commercial success, there is also something great about a good band some how managing to fly under the “Pitchfork radar”. San Francisco's CUPIDS (that's right, all caps please) are such a band. An interesting blend of noisy, gothy, art rock (think a little Sonic Youth, a little Wire, a hard electronic influence, and tons of blustery Shoegazerisms) that flirts heavily with feedback as instrumentation; CUPIDS sculpt their own impressive sound. With a current touring schedule throughout the US and Canada, and a growing Myspace fan base, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you’ll be sick to death of hearing about them. Now’s your chance to catch them before then! MA’CHELL DUMA LAVASSAR

Akron/Family, the Dodo's

Crocodile Cafe 2200 2nd Ave., 441-5611, $12 adv./$14

Let’s face it, compared to the bonafide freaks of Akron/Family, who always seem to know where the LSD trails lead, those who get lumped into the ever-growing freak-folk category are pretty much the modern day equivalent of suburban-dwelling flower-power wannabe’s that never actually set foot at Golden Gate Park. Akron/Family are the real deal—folky, skronky, drone-y, jammy, ceremonial, and cultish peaceniks changing the world little by little, one song at a time. They’re the kind of dudes you would’ve seen hanging out with The Fugs, Gary Higgins and/or Ed Askew if any of the four members, all multi-instrumentalists, were actually alive in the late ‘60s or ‘70s. Their just-released Love is Simple takes new leaps into more accessible, mushroom-picking territories while maintaining a similar sense of urgency and mystery that veiled their past last two records. Mind is blown. TRAVIS RITTER

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