Bling, Bling!

Earlier this year, I watched Bling, a documentary that first aired on VH1, which followed Wu Tang's Raekwon the Chef, Paul Wall, and Tego Calderon to the diamond-rich areas around Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, where a decade-long civil war has been ravaging the area and its people. Most of those who mine for diamonds had never seen a cut and polished diamond before. It was astonishing to see their awe-inspiring reaction when Paul Wall showed them his diamond-encrusted grill and jewelry. Diamonds are an important commodity in hip hop. The fact that most in the hip hop world don't bother or care to know where the diamonds came from, and under such heavy circumstances, it's truly enlightening to see how the three rappers genuinely respond to the people of Sierra Leone, who risk their lives everyday to give the hip hop world the diamonds they flaunt. They even put on a special performance for the people of Freetown.

Next Wednesday, October 24, there will be a free screening of Bling at the Harvard Exit Theatre. But to gain entry, you must RSVP. As a bonus, Bling director Raquel Cepeda will be on hand for a Q&A session. More details after the jump:



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