Thurston Moore - Trees Outside the Academy

On the founding Sonic Youth guitarist's first proper solo since 1995's Psychic Hearts (no factoring in all the


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Today's platter of new releases.


Thurston Moore - Trees Outside the Academy

On the founding Sonic Youth guitarist's first proper solo since 1995's Psychic Hearts (no factoring in all the avant/noise/collaborations he has done in those twelve years), Moore takes on a much more mellow and balanced singer-songwriter approach, playing acoustic guitar and bass alongside SY drummer Steve Shelly (!) and the Brooklyn-based violinist/guitarist/beauty Samara Lubelski (!!). At points, the album strays into Dinosaur Jr.-Unplugged territory. (Go figure: the album was recorded on the top floor of J. Mascis's home.)

See him next: October 18 at Neumos.



Schoolyard Heroes - Abominations

Two weeks after playing before 12,000 people at Bumbershoot, these local, um, Heroes celebrated the release of their latest Ultragrrl-supported full-length, Abominations, last night at Sonic Boom with an all acoustic set. But that's about as soft as you'll get from this fiercesome foursome, who'll be gracing MTV2, the covers of Alternative Press and Spin, and headlining slots of Warped Tour before we can even bat a lash.

See them next: Tonight at El Corazon.



Diana Krall - The Very Best of Diana Krall

I know she's married to Elvis Costello, but I couldn't tell you the name of a single Diana Krall track without looking it up first. This album collects thirteen of this sultry, contemporary jazz singer's finest, along with two unreleased tracks, including the more-wine-than-whiskey cover of Tom Waits' "The Heart of Saturday Night." 

See her next: Saturday, Sept. 22 on the Lyons Stage at Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey, CA.

Eddie Vedder - Music for the Motion Picture Into the Wild

Only twelve hours after it has become available to the public, two fans have complained about the length of the songs on this score for Into the Wild. "It would be great to extend a few of these tracks past the 2 minute mark," says T. Burdick, who still managed to give it four stars. It's a score, it's not an album of songs, lengthy bridges and choruses. If you like the film, and like what Vedder did to enhance the movie with his music, there really shouldn't be any complaints.

See him next: Who knows? Eddie is always nearby!


Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew - Spirit If...

This record will undoubtedly cause many a record store clerks grief in the next coming weeks, due to its confusing title. People will ask: Is Spirit If... a new Broken Social Scene record or a solo record from the Broken Social Scene frontman Kevin Drew? Actually, it's both, since Drew enlists his stable collective of Broken Social Scene's nearly two-dozen-members. My question is: Why not just call it another Broken Social Scene record?

See him/them next: October 26 at Moore Theater.



Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends

Pitchfork calls Let's Stay Friends "a pleasant surprise-- and not just because many of us thought they'd never record again." Indeed, it has been six years since this Brooklyn groups last record, Go Forth, but judging from Pitchfork's "Best New Music" nod and exemplary 8.3 rating, their knack for witty, explosive indie rock (equally matched by their vivacious front man Tim Harrington) proves that Les Savy Fav are still far from losing touch of their audience.

See them next: Nov. 30 at Neumos.

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