Photo of Jenny Jiménez by Ryan Schierling 

Monday afternoon, local music photographer Jenny Jiménez called me with some devastating news. The North Seattle house she


When Bad Things Happen to Really, REALLY Good People

Local music photographer Jenny Jiménez faces a terrible loss.


Photo of Jenny Jiménez by Ryan Schierling 

Monday afternoon, local music photographer Jenny Jiménez called me with some devastating news. The North Seattle house she owns with her fiancé was burglarized. Jiménez, who also plays with Night Canopy, lost virtually every last piece of photography equipment she owns to the thieves, including both her laptop and desktop Macs. Adding insult to injury is the fact that she lost over half the digital photography work she's done over the last four years, along with more than 1,000 wedding photographs she had taken just 2 days prior (she shoots weddings as well as musicians). Oh--and all the jewelry (including her mother's wedding band) she was supposed to wear when she gets married next month was stolen as well. Home owner's insurance will cover less than half of the estimated $20,000-plus loss.

Jenny Jiménez is easily one of the most talented photographers in town. I have worked with her regularly for several years, and we've documented many moving moments together, from the final Sleater-Kinney performance in Portland to a Merle Haggard and Neko Case double-bill last year. She has a truly unique, incisive gaze, and an extraordinary ability to capture musicians at rest and in motion in ways that brightly convey the weight of their work.

To say that this makes me sad and angry is a mammoth understatement, so I am posting the list of her stolen equipment here with the hopes that someone who knows something might come forward. We are also canvassing local pawn shops and trolling Craigslist. King 5 covered the story last night (you can watch the story here), and Q13 did a piece that will air tonight at 10 pm. If you have any information about Jenny's case, please contact the Seattle Police and reference case number 07-343-009. The list is after the jump. 


Quantum Turbo SC battery for flash, #Q635B131 , 2 days old, $449
Quantum Cable long chord for Canon 5D, #Q623 , 2 days old, $47.95
Leica M6 TTL 0.58 camera, #2682783 , 1.5 years old, $1,935
Leica Elmarit-M 1:2.8/24mm ASPH lens, #03844660 , 1.5 years old
100mm 2.0 USM Canon lens, #680002(maybe 9?)5I,
50mm 2.5 compact macro Canon lens
16-35mm 2.8 USM Canon L series lens
Gary Fong lightsphere-2 C4 Cloud w/inverted dome, #GALS2C4, 2 weeks
 old, $49
Gary Fong lightsphere-2 C4 Clear w/inverted dome, 1 year old, $49
Canon EOS 5D digital body , #0296B002 (AA)
Canon 5D camera grip with 2 batteries (attached)
Canon A2 still camera body, #4503002
Canon A2 grip, attached
2 Domke rubber grip camera straps
Canon speedlite 580EX, #9445A002
Think Tank photo lens changer #50
Canon 16-35mm 2.8 L series lens #328472
Canon ET 65 III lens hood
2 B&W circular polarizers
2 B&W UV/Haze filters
Mamiya 645 AF camera
2 Mamiya 645af film magazines
1 Mamiya 645af film insert in its case
Tenba medium shootout backpack

12” G4 Powerbook laptop with superdrive, #UV42715FPLX
20” iMac 2GHz Intel core duo with superdrive and iSight. #W8604M8NU2P
Apple Care Protection Plan, S1455 LL/A, #4P550TYRMNJW
iPod, 30gig, black #JQ60310PTXM/232724
Victorinox architecture collection acropolis CS2 laptop backpack
Altec Lansing inMotion iM600 Portable Audio System for iPod

24k gold rope style wedding band ¼” thick
18k gold oval beaded pendant on 18” chain
18k gold 18” chain with vermeil gold rose thorn pendant
18k gold necklace with faceted teardrop smokey brown quartz pendant
surrounded by hammered gold hoops.
14k gold box chain
1” gold hoop earrings
¼” wide gold bracelet
Sterling silver clamp bracelet with leaf design
brown quartz sterling silver ring,
19” pearl strand necklace
gold claddagh ring with ¼ karat diamond in heart

Native American wood flute, 1.5' long
26” upright wheeled black suitcase
25 DVDs

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