There are some days when you just need to sit back, throw on some Iron Maiden and let the world pass you by. I have


The Last First Days: Iron Maiden in Moscow (Idaho)

Iron Maiden helps me get through the first day of classes.


There are some days when you just need to sit back, throw on some Iron Maiden and let the world pass you by. I have the Iron Maiden part taken care of.

Yesterday was the first day of fall semester here at the University of Idaho in Moscow. If things work out, it will have been my last first day. Yes, there is still spring semester and maybe a summer course, but those days don't have that "back to school" mystique.

I couldn't wear a "cool, new outfit" for the first day because I didn't have any money until after my two Monday course were over. I wore the only concert T-shirt I bought all summer: Ozzfest 2007. Naturally, I was asked if Ozzfest was the highlight, the cornerstone, of my summer. It's hard not to say yes.

There's more. Keep reading for the surprise at the end.

Once classes were done for the day (I'm taking Spanish 102 and Journalism 100. Both are filled with freshmen I wish I didn't have to deal with but it's my fault for procrastinating), I picked up my financial aid check and went shopping. Somehow I managed to blow $3,000 in just a few hours.

Just kidding. I paid a few months rent and sent my sister and brother-in-law some money I owed them. Then I went shopping. I needed shoes that didn't have extra holes and a cool new shirt to wear.  I was still in a Maiden mood, but my local Hot Topic didn't have any Maiden shirts I didn't already own. I bought a Pantera Cowboys from Hell instead.

Then it was of to the music store. Moscow has a Hastings, one of the better chain stores, especially since Tower Records went out of business. Moscow is very un-metal and I can prove it.  While browsing the CDs, I found a used copy of the new King Diamond album. Sure, I was grateful to be able to get it cheaper than usual (after the way summer went, paying for a CD made me want to barf), but what the hell was the guy who bought it the first place thinking? A year from now, he's going to wish he hadn't done that. And come April, when King Diamond plays the El Corazon, I'll be happy to know all the new songs.

A strange thing has happened to me in the last two years. When I started college tow months before my 24th birthday, I wanted to be Chuck Palahniuk. Now, after  getting to know this journalism thing, and especially music journalism, I want to be Chuck Klosterman.

Go figure. 

 I'm still rocking to Iron Maiden, so here is "Fear of the Dark" from Rock in Rio.


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