Tell Dave Mustaine How It is

Call Dave Mustaine at 867-5309. Oh wait. That's Jenny's number.


Ever wanted to tell Dave Mustaine what you think? Or maybe ask him a question? Here's your chance. Mustaine is taking phone calls and text messages from fans and, according to, he might even call you back! You have to have a profile on the Megadeth forums to have a chance at a call back, but you don't have to have to to call. The phone number is right there.

I've given Mustaine a lot of crap in the past, but I'm still going catch either his Seattle stop on September 7 at the Moore or in Spokane on the next night. Spokane is a lot closer to Moscow, so I'll probably be there.

Anyway, give Dave a call. Ask him how his day is and if Megadeth will tour with Metallica next year. Now that I would pay to see.

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